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Radiographs are commonly called x-rays, although the term x-ray actually refers to the type of radiation used to produce an image. X-rays penetrate tissue to show us what the body looks like on the inside. Our office uses digital radiology to produce images that we can examine in the office or transmit to a radiologist for diagnosis.

We can also offer some specialized contrast radiographs, such as a barium series to evaluate the gastrointestinal system. Procedures such as this can help us to gain valuable knowledge about your pet’s health issues.

We also offer dental radiographs to evaluate your pet’s oral health. Dental radiographs allow us to see if a tooth is healthy or if it needs to be removed. Since our patients can’t tell us which tooth is sore, this helps us to find the source of the problem.




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 How many puppies can you find?radiograph
Barium in the stomach and small intestine
G i radiograph


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