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Health & Wellness

The best way to keep your pet healthy is to prevent problems from starting, when possible. You can help your pet stay healthy by feeding a good quality pet food, providing plenty of fresh water, encouraging exercise, keeping their weight in the normal range for their size, and seeking at least yearly health exams to monitor your pet’s health. Yearly health exams will check many areas of concern such as your pet’s weigh - did they gain, lose or stay the same? How are your pet’s teeth? Are they white or yellow and brown with tartar? Keeping your pet’s mouth healthy helps keep your pet healthy. Overweight pets can suffer from the same health problems as overweight humans, such as diabetes, as well as back and joint disease. A yearly health exam can identify health problems before they become untreatable.

Young kittens and puppies have special health care needs. They need to have immunizations to protect them from common infectious diseases such as parvo virus or feline or canine distemper viruses. We can also help to protect kittens from upper respiratory infections such as feline leukemia, calici or herpesvirus. Puppies need protection from parainfluenza and adenoviruses too, and everyone needs to be protected from the rabies virus. We are here to answer questions that come up as your new kitten or puppy grows, such as housebreaking, chewing or scratching concerns. Surgical neutering or spaying of your puppy or kitten can be done to prevent not only unwanted pregnancies, but helps protect your pet’s life too.

Adult pets need yearly health exams to monitor their health, and alert us to any developing health issues. Dogs and cats may be able to go on an every 3 year vaccine schedule, depending on their risk values. Higher risk individuals may still need yearly vaccinations. Procedures such as checking stool samples, and heartworm testing in dogs work to keep your pet healthy.

Senior pets need extra care to keep them healthy. As they age, pets will be more likely to develop health problems, many of which could be treated if they are discovered at an early stage. As pets become seniors, they may need blood tests to monitor for changes that can’t be seen such as kidney disease or diabetes. We are also able to offer further tests such as blood pressure measurement, ECG, chest or abdominal radiographs which give us more information about your pet’s health status. Your senior pet may need to come in for twice yearly physical exams so that we can keep up with changes in your pet’s health as he or she ages.



Young animals are generally under 9 to 12 months of age.
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